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R&K Handels GmbH is announcing its activities in modular LED Street, Bay and Flood Lights

Why is R&K Handels GmbH  focusing on LED Lighting? There are good reasons to us modern LED Lights throughout a wide range of applications.

LED lighting is mostly concentrating in applications of general- and street lighting. That is for a good reason:

Up to 25% of the global electric energy consumption is now consumed for outdoor lighting purposes alone. In addition to higher energy efficiency led lights have a higher optical efficiency than conventional lights. Other types of lights use a reflector to capture the light emitted upwards from the lamp. Even under the best of conditions, the reflector absorbs some of the light. Also for fluorescent lamps and other lamps with phosphor coated bulbs, the bulb itself absorbs some of the light directed back down by the reflector. The glass cover, called a refractor, helps project the light down on the surface in a desired pattern but some light is wasted by being directed up to the sky (light pollution). Single LED and LED-SMD arrays do not require reflectors and can be designed to provide the desired coverage without a refractor; instead an optical Lens is used to direct the light. LED lighting requires theoretically approximately 25% lower nominal luminous flux than a comparable conventional light.

LED lights also require no special maintenance compared with conventional Bulb lights. It is estimated that a LED-based lamp estimates up to 20 Years life time at 10 hours of daily use. In case an LED lamp must be replaced, the disposal costs are a cheaper as of normal energy saving lamps. Thus, the use of high efficient LED lights is extremely favourable in terms of life cycle costs, economic and environmental benefits. LED Lights are easily combined with PV-Solar panels for self sufficient use in remote areas.

Benefits of normal LED lights provided by R&K Handels GmbH

  1. Modern LED SMD chip with up to 40.000 Hour life time which is the equivalent of at least 10 years average use.
  2. Long and predictable lifetime: usually 10 to 15 years, three times the life of current technologies adopted
  3. Better optical efficiency compared with regular lights  
  4. Less energy consuming in comparisons with normal Halogen and Gas vapour lights.
  5. LED lights use only half of the electric power than ordinary lights for the same application.
  6. LED lights require theoretically an approximate 25% lower nominal luminous flux than a comparable conventional street light.
  7. Less maintenance charges resulting from longer life time and less disposal charges.
  8. If used with a PV-solar panel no mains installation is required, cheaper infrastructure is required and lights can be installed in remote areas.
  9. Different light temperatures are possible, depending on type of application.
  10. Up to 80% energy saving in a LED live time.
  11. Quick turn on and off: Unlike fluorescent lamps, which take time to heat up once switched on, LED-Light comes on with full brightness instantly. Unlike mercury vapour, metal halide and sodium vapour lamps (commonly used in street lighting), LED do not have a problem restarting immediately (hot ignition) following a brief power failure or inadvertent turn off.
  12. LED-Street lights allow for cost recovery through energy savings in only three years.
  13. Higher light output even at low temperatures: While fluorescent lights are comparably energy efficient, on average they tend to have lesser light output at winter temperatures.

Special modular LED-Street light benefits:

  1. Each Lamp can be mounted on existing light poles.
  2. Module are made of Rugged die-cast aluminium alloy housing
  3. Easy and simple mounting procedure.
  4. Modular build, one module can be used in several different types of lighting for different applications. Up to 5 modules in one lamp are possible.
  5. Sturdy construction.
  6. Vandalism safe.
  7. High performance IP-free LED, top-tier suppliers
  8. Selectable optics, IESNA Type I / Type II / Type V, cut-off classification.
  9. High colour rendering index, CRI 70 for 5200K and CRI 80 for 3000K/4000K
  10. High luminary efficacy (85 lm / W for 5200K)
  11. Optical-grade polycarbonate lens, weather-resistant
  12. Integrated power supply, 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz input
  13. Built-in active PFC function (>0.95@220VAC)
  14. IP65 ingress protection rating
  15. Hazard-free materials
  16. Long operation life, 40,000 hours @ Ta=25°C
  17. Safety certification: CE

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