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You like to get to know us personally or to vist us for the occasion of a business meeting at our office?


Here is how to find us by car at

Am Alten Schlachthof 18

21107 Hamburg



Directions from Hamburger City


0,0 km start Deichtortunnel, 20097 Hamburg on to Deichtorplatz (Ost)                       

0,1 km  turn left, to stay on Deichtorplatz                                                 

0,1 km keep left (south) stay on this road                                                         

0,2 km new street name: From here Oberbaumbrücke                                                   

0,5 km further on right on to Brooktorkai                                                                          

0,8 km turn left (south) on this road                                                

0,8 km new street name: From here Brooktor                                                                

1,4 km further straight on, on Versmannstraße                                                        

2,9 km new street name: From here Freihafenelbbrücke                                              

3,6 km further on right on this street                                                            

3,7 km straight on, on Am Moldauhaufen                                                     

4,1 km new street name: From here Am Saalehafen                                                    

4,8 km new street name: From here Niedernfelderbrücke                                           

5,0 km new street name: From here Veddeler Damm                                                 

6,9 km further on right on Reiherdamm                                                                      

7,1 km turn left (south) on to Klütjenfelder Straße                                                

7,8 km turn right (south) on to Reiherstieg-Hauptdeich                                    

8,1 km turn right (west) on this street                                        

8,2 km turn left (south) on to Ernst-August-Deich than

immediate right turn (west) on to Am Alten Schlachthof                                                                                                               

8,5 km arrival at Am Alten Schlachthof 18, 21107 Hamburg



Directions from Motor way A1


0,0 km turn off at Fünfhausen on to Am Weidengrund (south east)                                  

0,2 km turn left (north west) on to Jenerseitedeich                                          

1,4 km turn right (north) on to Kirchdorfer Straße                                         

1,9 km turn left (north west) on to Niedergeorgswerder Deich                       

3,9 km new street name: From here Veddeler Bogen                                               

4.1 km drive on to Veddeler Straße                                                                          

4,1 km keep left (west) on this street                                                 

4,2 km new street name: From here Harburger Chaussee                                       

5,6 km new street name: From here Hafenrandstraße                                              

6,4 km keep right (west) on this street                                            

6,5 km keep right (north) on to Reiherstieg-Hauptdeich                                     

6,6 km turn left (west) on this street                                          

6,7 km turn left (south) on to Ernst-August-Deich next

 immediate right turn (west) on to  Am Alten Schlachthof                                                                                                     

7,0 km arrival at Am Alten Schlachthof 18, 21107 Hamburg



 Directions from Motor way A7


0,0 km turn of Motor way A7, 21107 Hamburg on to steet                                  

0,1 km turn right (north) on to Waltershofer Straße                                    

1,1 km drive on to  Finkenwerder Straße                                                               

2,7 km turn left (south) on to Altenwerder Damm                                           

4,1 km new street name: From here Köhlbrandbrücke                                           

6,6 km turn right (south east) on to Neuhöfer Damm                                      

7,0 km further on left on to Neuhöfer Straße                                                                

7,6 km turn left  (north) on to Reiherstieg-Hauptdeich                                   

8,7 km turn left (west) on this street                                         

8,8 km turn left (south) on to Ernst-August-Deich next

immediate right turn (west) on to Am Alten Schlachthof                                                                                                    

9,1 km arrival at Am Alten Schlachthof 18, 21107 Hamburg




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