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General Overview about the activities of our company for the Gas and Offshore Industry



Seamless carbon steel (also stainless or alloys) pipes and tubes as for DIN European and ASTM Standards OD: ¼” to 36”. Arc welded carbon steel or stainless steel pipes and tubes as for DIN and ASTM/API-5L Standards OD: 6-48”.
Fittings ANSI and DIN flanges, butt welded elbows,reducers clamps in carbon steel and stainless steel. Valves DIN and ANSI in carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloys and bronze. Gate, Globe, Check, 3-Ways and butterfly valves, manuel driven,electrical pneumatically and motorized, sizes from ¼” up to 48”.


Pipe coating materials for pipe corrosion protection such as polyethylene, polyamide powders, polypropylene, epoxy powders, cement mortar, asphalt. Gas pipe and tube instrumentation. Telecommunication. Spare parts for steam and gas turbines and compressors Alstom, etc. Special electrical, electronically and machine tools for gas and offshore workshops. Instrumentation for gas and offshore industry.
Basic materials aluminium, copper alloys, steel plate, stainless steel plate and profiles. Plastic parts and components.


Painting corrosion protection coating for the offshore industry. Painting lines and drying systems. Electrical motors and generators ABB, Leroy Somer, Siemens, Piller, GEC.
Emergency Diesel generating sets Perkins, Cummins, Caterpillar, MWM, Wärtisilä. Power & Lighting Cables ABB, Alcatel, Pirelli.
Lightning Offshore Glamox Inter. Switchgear & circuit breakers/low + high voltage for example ABB, Siemens, Merlin Gerin.



Offshore design. Pneumatic components IMI Norgren, Parker. Hydraulic components from Parker Hannifin, Rexroth.
Cooling compressors and complete chiller units York, Carrier, Bristol. Pumps Fluidex ITUR, Kvaerner-Eureka, allweiler. Air compressors Sauer & Sohn, Hatlapa, Atlas Copco. Steel wire ropes, ISO/D.N.: SFE 


Accommodation outfitting for offshore living platforms such as Winches from  Hatlapa, Bodewes, Aquamatar Rauma, Siebenhaar, Zoller. Crawler, mobile cranes and shipyard heavy load transporters: Liebherr, Demag, Sennenbogen, NCK, Krögel Kamag.


Stainless steel inconel-monel alloys corrosion resistant plates and corrugates for gas and offshore industry and petrochemical industry. Low voltage electrical components such as Relais, terminals for switchboards by ABB, Siemens, Moeller, Merlin Gerin, Telemecanic, Schneider, Entrelec, Phoenix. HV Porcelan apparaturs Insulators CERAM, Ceramic Livorno, RWI, Siemens. Electro silicone for long-rod, suspension, pin, insulators, cable fittine, surge arresrors from GE Bayer Silicones Injection and clamping units for HV silicone-insulators for example DESMA.



Transformator oil/SF6 Insulating Gas. Insulation components for the transformator Production. Copper and copper products for the Electrotechnical Industry. Copper Alloy and aluminium wire and strip for the Electronical Industry. Copper bar, wire, plate, rod, pipe and tube for the electronic Industry.


Aluminium plates and aluminium special alloys. Electrotechnical silver products Metal bars, high performance conductors, welding rods, 99.99% purity silver ingots.
Electrical insulation materials (high dielectric strength, fire resistance). Paints and varnishes for the Electronic Industry.
Valves and flanges for transformators made from stainless steel, gun metal etc.


Special machine tools. Workshop machine tools Gedor, Sanvi-Belzer, Shape-on. Special machining cutting metal tool machines for medium and high productions, CNC-machining centers. Fasteners (DIN Norm) stainless steel, special screws, pins, nuts etc.Transformer oil bushing, oil cable boxes explosion and fire prevention.





Electromagnetic steel plates for transformer production. Coated, braided, taped or covered copper wires and conductors for transformers and motors. Enamelled Polyimide electrical wires, flat and round. Valves for offshore industry.
Cement furnace Burners for oil, gas and coal fuels.
Cement furnace main electrical drives and cement furnace main gearboxes.
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